‘The Walled Off Hotel’ – Banksy

Banksy is opening an hotel in Palestine called ‘The Walled Off Hotel’. The hotel is a few meters away from the wall that Israel built to surround the city of Bethlehem and this is why it claims it can offer its guests ‘the worst view in the world’.

The hotel wants to be a spotlight on the tense political history between Israel and Palestine. To do this, Banksy creates a beautiful contrast, staging the hotel and the wall as perfect antagonists. The hotel, the business of hospitality, has its fundamental job in ‘the inside’, in offering a space to be in, in welcoming people, strangers, foreigners. The wall, instead, is built to keep people, strangers, foreigners away, in ‘the outside’.

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Dictionaries are a very special kind of book. They are built as repositories of the full spectrum of human speech, zealous reporters of all meaning we assign to our world. They appear as powerful figures in our bookshelves, almost freightening, as no one who buys them will fully read them, but can just ask for specific advice and pick few definitions here and there, as needed.

Dictionaries appear to have three defining traits: association, exhaustiveness, order. All words in a language are gathered and listed alphabetically. Their definitions are carefully drafted to include all possible meanings, with precision reaching scientific rigor.

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